Marco van der Vlag


Headspace TVC (Germany)


Lead Animator


March/April 2022

As a big fan of meditation and yoga, I was more than thrilled when BUCK Amsterdam approached and asked me to help out on this animation for Headspace Germany. This was the first time for me in the role as a Lead Animator, and I have to say I’ve learned so much while working on this project with some of the most talented people in the industry.

Check it out on the Headspace YouTube channel here.


Executive Creative Director: Vincent Lammers

(Associate) Creative Director: Jennifer Zheng

(Senior) Art Director: Simon Buijs

Executive Producer: Chance Woodward

Producer: Katie Liston

Resourcing: Iasha Chapman

Storyboards: Jennifer Zheng, Léa Zhang, Ester Rossi

Designers: Mijke Coebergh, Christo Silveira, Anna Moessnang, Ester Rossi

Lead Animator: Marco van der Vlag 

Cel Animators: Melanie Gohin, Anne Mosca, Ester Rossi

AE Animators: Robin Desnoue, Léa Zhang, Jaume Mestre, Marco van der Vlag

Sound: Antfood